(This is a response to our first sound-off topic, posted here.)

Wow, I wish that were my first memory of the internet! Frankly, I’m jealous. (Also, for the record: I did not already want to be an astronaut then. I think that was still during the days when I aspired to work at a zoo.)

I honestly don’t know what my first memorable experience with the internet was. I know my first time using a computer was learning to play solitaire and Minesweeper in my dad’s office. But actually using the internet? Hmm. Since I can’t remember that, I’ll at least share with you another, later memory of the internet.

In middle school, I spent countless dial-up hours downloading X-Files videos. This was much to the chagrin of my parents who, as a result, were frequently unable to use the telephone. This was also during the days when I dyed my hair with Manic Panic and wore HotTopic shirts.

Have things really changed all that much? You decide.

Gothically yours,
Zena Cardman

* * *