In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of a “sound-off,” here’s a brief introduction.

The eight-member blogging team has found itself spread out across the globe. However, this project as a whole seeks to high-lite the idea that, while every person is unique and every culture beautifully individual, there are certain threads of commonality that bind us all. When a member of the team calls a “sound-off,” he or she is calling for all of the other team members to weigh in on a single topic. Eight different perspectives from seven different continents, on one issue of global importance.

Since many team members are not yet in location, I figured we should start with a sound-off that addresses a more meta-level issue.

SOUND-OFF #1: The Internet

We are among the last Americans to grow up apart from the Internet. The Internet became widely and practically available to the masses during our junior high days, but people just two or three years younger than us have never really known a world without the Internet. My brother is 16, and from the time he started elementary school, the Internet has been an integral part of his life. The Internet is obviously an incredible tool, and allows us to connect ourselves with the rest of the world to an extreme degree. Without the Internet, this blog project would not be possible, nor would be the state of mind from which it was born.

That said, what is your first memory associated with the Internet?