(This is a response to our first sound-off topic, posted here.)

I, like Yousef and Zena, can’t quite remember my first internet experience. We were a little slow on the internet front at home…. both in getting internet and switching from dial-up to high speed.

My first internet days that I can remember involved a small, cramped computer cluster in my middle-school library. During 6th grade Literacy (periods 6 and 7) with Mrs. Roeske, my friends and I would rush into the lab to get the best seats next to one another. And then we would learn to search – ever so slowly – for tidbits of information to write a small paper.

Later years in middle school introduced me to AIM, then merely AOL instant messenger, and flirting with my latest crush as Horseyluvr1188. O the pride that one felt when successfully talking to five friends at once!