Hey Andrew, English says to tell you that she put your stuff into a cardboard box, and that you should send somebody over to pick it up soon because it’s cluttering the living room. She says she’s keeping the dog, though.

But seriously: I learned more about English from foreign language than I ever did in an English class. Enjoy losing English, Andrew. When you find it again you’ll be that much wiser.

These snippets you all are sending of life in other cultures … well, frankly, they’re making me feel bittersweet. Today marks exactly one year since I was standing on top of Mount Kilimanjaro, both a physical and temporal culmination of my summer in Tanzania.

As unbelievably excited as I am for my upcoming adventures, part of me is kind of bummed. The entire time, I’ll be hanging around North American scientists. Arguably, that’s a culture all of its own … but one with which I am quite familiar. I love the awkwardness of sticking out, the discomfort that comes with making a new culture your home, because it forces you to be at home in yourself. I will miss finding new families and friends who have such a different perspective on what living is all about, because it forces me to reconcile what I think living is all about.

I might be going to the ends of the Earth, but I’ll be closer to home than any of you. Lucky ducks.

Green with envy and red with sunburn,
Zena Cardman

* * *