I rode in the two-ton truck for the entire six hour trip north from Vancouver. We got to Pavilion Lake yesterday morning, unloaded everything, and had a million meetings.

Today, the barge was built, and the submarines were lowered by a crane onto the barge. The submarines we have are Deepworkers, which are tiny, one-person subs with clear domes for your head and sweet little claw-arm things. They’re made by Nuytco. (Remember that exo-suit James Bond wore? Nuytco makes those, too.) Pretty incredible stuff. Wish I got to pilot one, but alas …

There is definitely a hierarchy of important people here, and I am clearly towards the bottom. But hell, I still get to hang out with all of these amazing people: astrobiologists, geobiologists, limnologists, engineers, submarine connoisseurs. People like Darlene Lim (NASA), Donnie Reid (totally badass SCUBA diver, with a resume including stuff like “in charge of the alligator from the movie Lake Placid“), Dale Andersen (astrobiologist who informed me this morning that he has probably spent a solid five years of his life living in a tent in Antarctica), Margarita Marinova (amazing student at Caltech whose latest paper just got the cover in Nature), etc.

And every morning, I get to witness these folks in all their groggy, pajama-clad glory.

Sorry I don’t have submarine pictures yet. (Just google “Deepworker” and you’ll find it.) For now, here’s a picture of Pavilion Lake: