After a couple of long weeks of rebooking travel arrangements, spending many many hours on planes and battling jet lag and a panic attack or two, I’m here, in beautiful Australia, all moved into my lovely dorm.

I’ve now been in the country for about 8 days, and just recently got internet access. So, given the numerous experiences I’ve already had and the nagging feeling that I’m behind in my blogging, let’s just paraphrase the journey in a few life lessons:

  • flying into LA is a great time to test basic math skills… according to my rough estimate, I saw 31 baseball diamonds on the way in
  • flying from LA to Brisbane, Australia is NOT a great time to test basic math… don’t try to count the 14+ hours, it’s too painful
  • Qantas has awesome airplanes, complete with personal entertainment systems, just watch your timing – getting really into a good movie only to have it turned off 10 minutes before the ending because you’re finally reaching Australia is rather disappointing… I never imagined I’d want that flight to last longer!
  • note on international travel: THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE YOU WILL LOSE YOUR LUGGAGE don’t worry, most people get theirs back 🙂 I did
  • The Sunshine coast of Australia is beautiful, and it is so-named for a reason
  • IRONY: Your original flight was canceled 6 days before your trip so you rebooked your flight to leave a day early rather than a day late so as not to miss the exctiting orientation you are going to. O but wait, a bird flew into the engine of the plane the group flight was traveling on… so you spent two days chilling by yourself because THEY were delayed. Not to worry again, it was a great time to recover from some jet lag
  • petting koalas and kangaroos is so much fun!
  • Brisbane is awesome, my dorm room is a little old and small, but nonetheless, it’s starting to feel like home away from home
  • moving to Australia requires you to learn new things, like how to say Toowong and Indooroopilly, and how to understand – maybe someday love? – cricket and rugby aka “footie”
  • some other things are downright easy to get used to: they have great candy and ice cream down here, they are SO incredibly friendly and their cities are clean, beautiful and safe

All in all, a great start (OK, a little rocky at times)! Can’t wait til next week. It’s mostly Americans and other study abroad students here at school now, but the main bulk of Australian students will move in this weekend, which is sure to start a whole new level of culture shock!