I know that Australians speak English, but as is well known, they have their own nicknames, accents and phrases. However, while I was still stateside, I didn’t know that these minordifferences could actually render some Australians incomprehensible. It is also extremely difficult to learn names. Example: When a guy whose name is actually Arvid is introduced, it sounds like Harvard. (A long discussion ensued amongst a few Americans last night over this exact name… turns out I won the debate on what his name actually is because I had one Australian spell it for me… foolproof method for these such situations!)

So as I’m meeting all of my new Australian neighbors since they’ve now moved back into college, I’m learning to think quickly, take things in context and sometimes just stay confused a bit til I figure out what they are saying. When in doubt follow how they react! Here are some of the new English language words I never used in conversation before, or never even knew existed:

heaps = a lot

ta = thanks

How ya going? = How are you?

lift = elevator

winge = complain

jelly = jello and jam = jelly

Seppo = American (after septic tanks because we talk a lot of junk… nice huh?)

More to come! Cheers all!