I’m wondering what the current American understanding of the Bolivian situation might be. I have been following the US news pretty avidly, and in general main-stream-media in the states doesn’t seem terribly miffed by the whole affair – just another Latin American protest.

However, stories filtering down the Trans-Chaco and into Asuncion tell a different story. People are talking about severe unrest in La Paz and other major cities – protests, civilian and political deaths, kidnapings, looting…the works.

The reason is a recall election, to take place this weekend, in which the mostly popular Morales, along with the governors of all states, must receive an approval rating equal to or greater than proportion of the votes by which they were elected.

Of course, Morales supporters understand this to be a covert attempt by the American government to unseat the left-leaning President. As a consequence, U.S. embassies are currently surrounded by protesters (as reported to me by a traveler on his way down from Bolivia).

The recall referendum is this weekend – hopefully we will see things calm down after that.

Also not to change the subject, but Check out Zena’s Arctic photos in the post immediately before this one. They are breathtaking.