I have, not surprisingly, been neglecting my blogging duties.  In a week, I leave for Woods Hole, where I’ll be taking classes on oceanography and maritime history and celestial navigation, and SCUBA diving my tail off. (Or my tail on? I strive for mermaidhood.) From there, it’s off to the Pacific Ocean, to bob peacefully up and down on a ship for a few weeks.

For now, here is a snippet on one of my favorite memories from the Arctic:  the toilet.

The toilet on Axel Heiberg Island is a rusting old fuel barrel with a plastic seat stuck on top, giving new, literal meaning to the phrase “sitting on the can.” You think your toilet seat at home is chilly sometimes? Try sitting on a metal cask in the Arctic.

Yet the view from this toilet made it all worthwhile. The chance to sit and stare at glaciers and mountains was my number one motivation for staying well-hydrated during my stay on Axel Heiberg Island.

Rob shared my sentiments, and made a short video on the subject. Watch it: